How Dynamic Email Links Saved Us Twice

How Dynamic Email Links Saved Us Twice

If you’re like me, you also check your email campaigns a gazillion times before sending it out to your subscribers. Still, I would bet that more often than not an error or two finds it way into the emails.

The painful thing about emails is obviously that once they’re sent out, that’s it, you can’t edit them anymore. But it might surprise you that this isn’t entirely true for links. You can use dynamic email links. This is great news for anyone who fiddles with email marketing on a regular basis and wants to make sure that their readers ends up at the right destination.

I’m not blaming anyone, but we were two co-founders at the time and it wasn’t me.

Let me tell you about one time when being able to update the links in emails really helped us.

During the first weeks of our closed beta, hundreds of early adopters had submitted their email on our site in order to get an invite key. It was time to send out emails so that they could sign up for our service. We messed it up. In our email template we somehow managed to add the link to our sign in form, instead of our sign up form.

Shortly we noticed that we had an increasing amount of traffic that failed to login. Our users where entering invite keys in the password field and getting errors! Since we were using Linkredirector links in the email we could quickly reroute the dynamic links to the sign up form and avoid loosing any more signups.

Campaign Tracking Codes Are Easy to Forget

The second time that being able to change the links in our email really helped us was when sending out a Regular OlCampaign as Mailchimp calls it. Since we recently left private beta we were quite eager to see how the campaign would convert to sign ups.

This time we forgot to add the UTM tracking codes to our links which would have resulted in a lot of unknowns in Google Analytics. Since we were using dynamic links in the email, we could just add the UTM parameters to the link in Linkredirector.

I can recommend this post by Dave Chaffey if you want learn more about Email campaign tracking with Google Analytics

Reroute links in email marketing campaign
We re-routed the dynamic email links in our gift campaign

How to Make Editable Links for Emails with Linkredirector

Linkredirector is a SaaS tool that provides links that you can change the destination on.

This is how it works:

  1. Register an account at, it’s free.
  2. Create a link by pasting your URL and clicking on create link.
  3. Linkredirector creates a short link for you that will look something like This link will forward visitors to the link you entered.
  4. You can add a prettier marketing URL for your link like
  5. If you need to change the destination, simply mange your link and edit the default destination
dynamic links in emails
A GIF is worth a thousand JPEGs.

Other Uses for Linkredirector in Email Marketing

  • All redirections are tracked. If you use multiple links in one email, you can see what call to actions that are actually delivering clicks
  • You can send a subset of your customers (like all android users) to one URL while the rest of your traffic goes to another URL.
  • It’s good to know that any URL parameters you add on the lrd link will be forwarded to your destination URL.

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks for successful email campaigns. Let me know in the comments!

Fredrik is a co-founder at Linkredirector.

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Fredrik is a co-founder at Linkredirector.

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