New Linkredirector Link Manager

Last week we updated the Linkredirector link manager. We’re quite excited about it and hope that you’ll like it.

Our ambition was to reduce the amount of forms on one page, while visualizing how one link sends visitors to different destinations.

We’re pretty excited about our new UI.

Customize Your Short URL

If you would like a customized URL for your link, simply click on Add Marketing URL and fill out the form to add one. You can have up to 5 customized marketing URLs on one link.

Create an alias for your link

Send Mobile Visitors Directly to the Correct App Store

To send a subset of your visitors to a different destination simply click the Add Destination button. After you have entered a new URL you just select who should be affected in the properties tree.

Send Android users directly to Google Play
Fredrik is a co-founder at Linkredirector.

About Fredrik Gevert

Fredrik is a co-founder at Linkredirector.

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